Go Natural with Limestone. 

Durable and efficient, limestone is a natural, eco-friendly material that serves a variety of purposes. This stylish-looking stone is a sedimentary rock that naturally forms underwater. Made mostly out of bits and pieces of shells, rocks, and other items, they collect and harden to create this beautiful stone. Limestone can be used in everyday spaces of your home. Here at 4Terra, Limestone is present in a few of our products, specifically those that call for a durable, stylish, and long-lasting piece. 

What are eco-friendly materials? 

Eco-friendly materials are not harmful to the environment, contribute to overall green living, and help conserve vital resources like water and energy. Through extraction and processing, eco-friendly materials prevent contributions to various forms of pollution, including but not limited to air, water, and land pollution. They’re non-toxic and either sustainable or sustainably grown. Eco-friendly materials are not just Earth-friendly though; they keep both environment and human safety in mind.


Why is Limestone Eco-Friendly?

Unlike other materials, stone materials do not require additional materials or resources to create them. They're available locally and regionally for reduced environmental impact and contain no harmful chemicals. More than that, limestone is very durable and does not need replacement. The life-cycle of a product is a huge factor in its eco-friendliness, and because limestone doesn’t need frequent repair or replacement, its life-cycle is very big. 

Even when limestone does need to be removed, it is recyclable, salvageable, and repurpose-able. Stone fragments can be turned into new pieces via adhesion, or ground into dust or particles for other uses like cultured stone or cement.There are plenty of ways to make your home more natural, green, and eco-friendly. Limestone is, definitely, one of them!